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    The Kanawha City Lions Club showcases some of the brightest and most talented crafts people on the east coast and beyond. Every year for the last 40 years or more, The Kanawha City Lions Club has been proud to host the Capital City Art and Craft Show. It is scheduled for the three weekend days just before Thanksgiving, every year. For those three days, from Friday through Sunday - The Capital City Art and Craft Show transforms the Charleston Civic Center into a colorful showcase of outstanding arts and crafts and exhibits . . . without question, a collection of among the finest in the entire mid-Atlantic region. The exhibitors have put their heart and soul into their crafts and it shows. Needless to say, this is Not your typical crafts show.

The Capital City Art and Craft Show is organized & sponsored by the Kanawha City Lions Club. The Capital City Art and Craft Show features exhibits and demonstrations by more than 160 artisans from all over West Virginia and at least a dozen other states …. artisans who have distinguished themselves with state and regional awards for their exceptional talents. The Kanawha City Lions Club provides respect and comfort for all it's exhibitors who are making the The Capital City Art and Craft Show the success that it is. We thank you for applying for your membership in the show.

Since 1968, when the The Capital City Art and Craft Show first started, the show has grown in popularity, attracting nearly 15,000 people during the three days it is open. It’s also served as a magnet for artisans not only to offer their works but to develop their craftsmanship. Artisans from as far north as Maine, south in Florida, and west in California, have made the yearly trek to Charleston, West Virginia to be in the The Capital City Art and Craft Show. Being that the Capital City Art and Craft Show is an invitation only show, The Kanawha City Lions Club strives every year to give you the widest selection of crafts and variation of crafts as possible, crafted by the very best crafts people available. Each item is painstakingly crafted with a gifted eye and put on display for all to see and share. It is clearly the crafts people that make Capital City Art and Craft Show the Premier Craft Show that it is, with a little help from some Lions. . .

The Capital City Art & Craft Show is a shopper’s and visitor’s delight, offering a wide variety of one-of-a-kind originals. Many artisans have strong followings from those customers that bought something from previous years and have come back for more. It is not uncommon for someone to approach the KC Lions Club information booth at the show and ask for specific artesian. An Exhibitor map is available as you come into the show and it will help. From the whimsical to the practical and of course decorative; the range of crafts available to take home from the show are surprising. Many of these wonderfully hand-crafted items are appropriate as gifts for all ages and there are many items that have many other uses found within the home or office.

Many of the splendid arts and crafts on display in the Grand Hall of the Civic Center are fashioned in the time-honored Appalachia tradition, while others are more contemporary in style and influence. The Capital City Art and Craft Show is an INVITATION ONLY show and The Kanawha City Lions Club carefully screen all applicants. The applicant Must be the crafter and the item(s), not massed produced in foreign lands.

If you have never been to the show, wear good shoes and plan to spend most, if not, all of the day being delighted by all the creative talent. There is plenty of good food available in the back of The Grand Hall. They serve not the usual carnival food of some other events but rather a finely made cuisine prepared fresh for the show every day. Their menu will vary for each day so you'll have to check out their schedule as you scan their menu. It's not your typical hot dog and hamburger stand sort of eats. The Charleston Civic Center kitchen staff are excellent with their food, delicious and their prices are reasonable ! A dining sensation.

In addition to the exhibits, the The Capital City Art and Craft Show holds a coloring contest for youngsters, complete with prizes for the winners. Re-entry into the show is possible with a Re-Entry Ticket that you can get from the door monitor as you exit the show. The KC Lions Club gladly offers seating in the lobby area of the Charleston Civic Center for your momentary shopping relief experience. When you're ready, . . . come on back in !
It's a Big Premier Craft Show.

In keeping with the Kanawha City Lions Club sight conservation program, the show also offers free glaucoma screening for adults and youngsters. The event serves as an annual fund-raiser for the Kanawha City Lions Club and the net proceeds from the show play an important role in the work of the club and its dedication of helping to meet the needs of charitable and other service groups in the Greater Charleston Area.

Kanawha City, WV    

∞ - > All of the net profits of the Capital City Art & Craft Show are
distributed to Charleston and West Virginia Charities,
schools and other civic responsibilities.
Some in the form of high school scholarships and youth programs.


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