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Art and Craft Show  

Information for the Art and Craft Show Potential Exhibitors

Art and Crafts FAQ          
Exhibitor Application  

The Capital City Art & Craft Show is an "Invitation Only" show.

Exhibitor Information          
WV Eye Foundation  

Not all exhibitors or crafters who apply will be invited to 

Eye Exams   participate in the show. We select participants based only on the      
Eye Glass Collection   quality of their crafts, sales potential and the variety they provide      
Drop Box Locations   to the show. We do not discriminate on the basis of race,      
Contact Us   ethnicity, sex, religion, age or any other personal biases.      
KC Lions Schedule   Participation in a previous year's show does not guarantee an      
Volunteer Lions   invitation to the following years' show.      
    It should be remembered, that the Capital City Art and Craft Show      
    is an art and craft show where the exhibitor Must be a craft person      
    and have actually made the main product they are trying to sell      
    during the show. Products that are mass produced in foreign lands      
    do not qualify. Exhibitors MUST consult with the show's director      
    for any clarification issues that might exist as far as trying to sell      
    products other than those of your own making. Attempting to sell      
    a mass produced product can get you ejected from the show and      
    forfeiture of all monies paid to initially get into the show. If there      
is a question about a product that you want to sell, please consult
with the director of the show - Mr. John Robertson.

All he's decisions are Final.

    To be considered for an invitation to participate in the annual      
    Capital City Art & Craft Show, please send the following      
    information to the address listed above by July 1st.      

Attn: Capital City A & C Show.

    The show is scheduled for the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving.      
    For consideration, Please furnish the following information:      
    1) Your Name, Address & Phone number and email address if you       
    would like. We do not resell your email address nor release it to      
    any third party for any reason, nor do we approve of spam.      
    2) The name of the ARTIST / CRAFTER & TYPE OF CRAFT or ART      
    3) PHOTOS to illustrate your work.      
    4) PRICE ranges for your art or craft      
    5) A LIST of some of the other shows you have participated in, including the most recent.      
    If you are invited to participate, we will send you an application      
    which MUST be returned by September 1 with a $ 70.00 booth      
    rental fee. Booths are 10' x 10' and include two tables, chairs one      
    300 watt electrical outlet (For display purposes only), and one      
    parking pass. There are a limited number of double booths that      
    are available for crafts requiring additional space at a rental fee of      
    $ 140.00.      
    Crafters are allowed to setup starting at 8:00 am      
    on Friday morning of the show.      
    Hours of the show are normally 4 - 10 pm Friday, 10am - 8 pm      
    Saturday, and noon - 6 pm Sunday. Booths need to be manned at      
    all times when the show is open, except for bathroom breaks and      
    KC Lions Club members are willing to booth sit for you if you have      
    a need.      
    Fees taxes and commissions: In addition to your booth rental fee,      
    we charge exhibitors a 15% commission on gross sales. We also      
    collect the WV state tax of 6% for all sales. The commissions      
    include the City of Charleston Business taxes and fees.      
    All lions working at the show are unpaid volunteers, and all of the      
net profits of the show are distributed to Charleston area and
West Virginia Charities, schools and youth programs. For further
information, please contact Mr. John Robertson, Show Chair, at
the above address or contact the club via email at:
Kanawha City, WV


KC Lions Club


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