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Welcome to the
Kanawha City Lions Club.

  The Great State of West Virginia


For More than 40 years, ...
The Proud Sponsor / Organizer of

 "The Capital City Art and Craft Show"

KC Lions Club            
KC Lion President     The KC Lions Club is a group of men and women  that have come together to      
Art and Craft Show     have fun and to assist their community in becoming a better place to live, to raise      
WV Eye Foundation children and to enjoy Life. The KC Lions Club is involved in a number of civic
Eye Exams     activities that enhance and make the entire Kanawha Valley a better place to live      
Eye Glass Collection     and raise a family.      
Drop Box Locations            
Contact Us     The KC Lions Club is a group of concerned men and women who like to help      
KC Lions Schedule     those that are not as fortunate as many of us. A group of people that have a      
Volunteer Lions     desire to give back to their community. The KC Lions Club helps to support a      
Club History     number of local charitable organizations as well as schools and universities. All      
Our Friends     our efforts are designed to help out our local communities, charities and to help      
      support those organizations so they may grow and prosper.      
      The KC Lions Club collects and accepts any pair of prescription eye glasses or      
      hearing aids that you may have but are no longer using or need.      
      We will have them reconditioned as needed so that they can be re-distributed to      
      those who need glasses but otherwise can not afford them. The West Virginia      
      Lions Clubs have established yellow drop off boxes around the valley to make      
      it easier for you to contribute. The KC Lions Club, in conjunction with the Lions      
      Club International and other West Virginia Lions Clubs, also has at it's disposal,      
      a mobile eye exam station. This allows us the ability to go to those who do not      
      have transportation and to administer eye exams to those who need them,      
      wherever they might be.      
      We meet at the Charleston Civic Center on the first and third Tuesday of every      
      month at 6:00 pm lasting until perhaps 8 pm. We share fellowship and break       
      bread together and then enjoy a excellent dinner that was prepared especially for       
      the KC Lions Club by the Chef of the Charleston Civic Center. You are more        
      than welcome to join us, however, it would be much appreciated if we knew that      
      you were coming ahead of time so that we can make sure we have a plate for       
      ready for you. Being a member has it's perks and the food is one of them !      
      We wouldn't want to come up short !      

The KC Lions Club is a Not For Profit Organization.

The money we collect / accept from private / corporate donations as well as the
proceeds acquired through KC Lions Club fund raising activities are returned to
the community in the form of such things as: College Scholarships, School
supplies, or other Donations to worthwhile charities. We help other organizations
to enhance our overall community strength's and it's prosperity. Organizations
such as the West Virginia Medical Eye Bank and Manna Meal, Inc.

We are willing to accept monetary donations as well as material donations such

      as: eyeglasses, cases, hearing aids and possibly other items, in order to help      
      those who are in need within our own community and possibly abroad, as voted      
      upon by  The KC Lions Club board members.      

Speaking on behalf of all The KC Lions Club members,
It would be an honor to have you Join The KC Lions Club.


Kanawha City, WV


Let's Roar Together.


KC Lions Club - aka - Kanawha City Lions Club


  KC Lions Club - aka - Kanawha City Lions Club



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